• Sascha Pfannenschmidt

Don't waste money digitizing Oil & Gas plants!

Digitization of Oil & Gas plant operation does not costs millions of dollars!

Sustainable solutions through visualization are available today.

3D engineering, service and maintenance collaboration around the globe has proven effective within the automotive and mining industry.

The visualization of upstream, midstream and downstream plants worldwide enables companies to increase throughput, reduce downtime and make industrial assets safer.

Digitization opens doors!

  • accurate visualization of "as built models"

  • real time visualization of sensor data

  • device independent - (tablet, smartphone, PC)

These features enable a holistic collaboration between partners, suppliers, customers and consumers in the Oil & Gas industry.

How does this benefit the plant operator?

100% transparency of the control- and safety-mechanism.

The ability to track people and vehicles within the 3D plant environment enables the operator to organize his service-team, equipment and maintain a safety work and operating environment.

Access to real time sensor data enables the operator to modify critical nodes within the plant without losing time.

Fast maintenance with a smart visualization including all relevant information is the key to a sustainable and efficient operation.

  • interactive intuitive 3D technical publications/manuals

  • push IOT notifications to your service teams and operators smart device

  • share diagnostic and usage data with the OEM

Active and predictive maintenance for a safe throughput!

Within the oil and gas industry, equipment and facility inspections are needed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. These maintenance often require sensor information like pressure or temperature in real time or the historical data and values to evaluate the need of maintenance or exchange.

Root cause analysis and engineering knowledge will give the operator information he needs to:

  • extend the life of equipment

  • reduce service intervals and travelling costs

  • kill unplanned shutdowns

The Digital5 Solution Pty. Ltd. with it partners HS Development and Services GmbH and NetAllied Systems GmbH enable the Oil & Gas industry to virtualize global assets!

Cost efficient, super fast and sustainable!

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