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Say "YES" - when your partner and clients ask you to visualise 100GB data or more in seconds!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The Coronavirus is influencing the society and changing our culture. People have to keep distance from their family and friends. Companies need to find new ways to communicate and collaborate.

But what does "communication" and "collaboration" mean? Did we not have these capabilities before? Why do we need to change anything? Did we not invested enough time and resources to implement digital tools already?

To date we never had the challenge to organise our teams, our partners/suppliers and customers while being working in a scattered manner.

Every expert had his CAD Workstation. Every team could collaborate spontaneous in an onsite meeting. Every expert could travel as needed to assist customers and verify remote challenges.

Engineering team, decision maker, partner/supplier and customer need a tool to quickly visualise products, processes and resources. Instant visualisation! No data preparation! Pixel streaming!

  1. For communication with detailed data.

  2. For visualisation of new product revision.

  3. For smart planning use cases and process visualisation.

Affordable High-Performance CAD Drive Thru

The UBER Engine realises all above requirements in seconds.

No proprietary CAx tool license costs.

Smart, intuitive use - on mobile devices or your traditional desktops.

Webbrowser integration - SAAS for device independent use!

But Beware!

Many companies and leaders forget to consider the holistic business environment. It is not enough to share data. You need a tool that enables the entire supply- and value chain. The ability to develop the data continuously and sustainably.

  1. You need a tool to control the user management, to share product, process or resource information securely.

  2. You need a tool to transfer engineering information amongst the entire value chain (shop floor, design, sales, planning).

  3. You need a tool that enables users to add explicit information to visualise and track problems and log changes.

We embrace these challenges and supply feasible product and methodology solutions to our customers and partners. We will be your partner to enable you to be the best in market!

Embrace the challenge! Strive to efficiency!

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